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Messaging services

With Ozedi there are no lock-in contracts and no minimum monthly charges. A block of data is purchased in advance and is drawn down by usage - and unused data never expires.

Our messaging services are priced in two components:

  • Registration fee paid once only
  • Data usage for uploads and downloads between Ozedi and the ATO

Registration fee

The registration of a Client ID under an Ozedi Account incurs a once-only registration fee of $10+GST. Data to the value of the registration fee will be deducted from the available data allowance upon first upload of STP data.

Data usage

Data usage varies according to the size and volume of files uploaded and downloaded between Ozedi and the ATO. Employee data will vary according to the number of allowances etc plus each submission will also generate a response from the ATO. We recommend initial monitoring of actual data usage to determine future requirements. Sample data sizes for payrun uploads are shown below – these have been translated into estimated costs.

Data is purchased in Megabytes at $90+GST per MB.

For a specific estimate of your data requirements. Contact us with the number of employees per payrun.

NB Data usage MB below reflect minimum employee information – your actual usage may be higher. An ATO response message with no errors is included in the usage statistics below.

                          Number of Employees 

One company
MB per payrun
Up to 30th June 2019 $/payrun
From 1st July 2019 $/payrun

* Once only Client ID registration will use up 0.11MB of data purchased with first message

** Prices in the table do NOT include GST

Low data alerts

Ozedi account holders are notified in advance by email when available data is getting low based on your monthly usage statistics. Your Ozedi Account provides access to alert parameters and multiple email addresses for notifications. 

Reporting on data usage

Ozedi provides access to see your data usage and the balance of data you have available. Reporting on data usage for each registered Ozedi Client ID and company ABN is available online.

Messaging status 

Ozedi provides visibility of your messaging to and from the ATO via Ozedi – this allows you to keep track of the status of your uploaded submissions and the ATO responses.