Single Touch Payroll

Ozedi is:

  • Whitelisted and in production with Single Touch Payroll since 1st July 2017
  • A supplier of messaging services using ebMS3.0 AS4 technology
  • A SuperStream gateway since 2013 with 23% of all gateway network traffic from payroll software providers

Messaging options to ATO

We provide both hub-based and direct connect options for ATO messaging:

  • Via Ozedi as a Sending Solutions Provider  - hub-based model
    • We connect to the ATO and pull back responses
    • You get the STP data to us via several options:
      • REST API
      • Portal
    • You get the responses from us via several options:
      • PDF attachment in email
      • REST API in XML format
      • Available on portal
  • Direct connect to ATO:
    • We provide AS4 client free of charge to integrate with your payroll solution
    • You connect to the ATO for STP submissions and pull down responses from the ATO

STP data preparation assistance – Ozedi Connector

Ozedi provides various tools to assist with the preparation of data in the ATO mandated format:

  • Documentation and software provided under Creative Commons licence for:
    • Optional data transformation from flat file formats
    • Optional XML checking facility
    • Optional concatenation of XML files into bulk file for transport
  • Optional data encryption when ATO accepts encrypted payloads

Our Security

Our data centre infrastructure is currently undergoing iRAP certification which the is the highest level required under the Operational Framework

Ozedi is also acquiring ISO 27001 certification as part of our iRAP certification process.

We are investigating ways of providing assistance to our software developers to facilitate their compliance with the Operational Framework.


Ozedi has multiple commercial options available that are suitable for payroll providers with both “on premise” and cloud-based solutions. Service costs can be covered by either the employer or the payroll provider with self-registration and traffic monitoring facilities available.

  • Pricing is based on data usage (uploads and downloads)
  • Buy a block of data and then use it up
  • Purchased data never expires
  • Alerts for low data levels
  • Rebates and discounts for payroll providers

NB the service costs are the same regardless of transport method; ie hub-based or direct connect.

Contact us and ask for a proposal and integration documentation.