What is Ozedi?

Ozedi is a revolutionary electronic document hub that securely exchanges business documents between suppliers and clients of businesses, government departments and superannuation funds, in fact anyone with an ABN. Think of Ozedi as an electronic registered post facility that costs a fraction of paper-based methods.

The solution

Ozedi operates as a central hub to which senders can despatch documents (e.g. invoices, remittance advices, superannuation contribution advices) via their ERP or accounting software. These documents are encrypted and held in the hub until the recipient logs on to retrieve them and import them directly into their own software package. Ozedi uses a business's unique ABN to identify senders and receivers and validates each user by their AUSkey ensuring the same high level of safety required by the Federal and State governments.

End-user benefits

  • Documents translated from their native format into the recipients preferred format without the need for manual data entry creating significant cost savings
  • Productivity increases for existing staff
  • Better accuracy of data input
  • Guaranteed delivery of documents
  • Faster turnaround on documents leading to cash flow improvements
  • Security of access to documents via AUSkey and data encryption
  • Option to send just data or data with image of documents (PDF etc)

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