Paying with American Express

Until the introduction of SuperStream you could not pay superannuation with a credit card. Now you can using Ozedi Direct.

 Paying your superannuation contributions using your Amex card will give you:

  • Up to 50 days cash flow relief
  • Reward points

The American Express handling charge of 2.4% of superannuation payment value is outweighed by the convenience and cash flow benefits to meet your legal compliance obligations regarding superannuation payments. You can read all about Ozedi Direct at

What you do next:

1                     Do you use a payroll system, and is it SuperStream ready ? If the answer is yes, and your system outputs the SAFF file, proceed to Step 2. If you don’t know the answer to this question, contact us on 1300 737 614 and ask for support. If you don’t use a computerised payroll system, we have an Excel spreadsheet data capture option you can use.

2                     Register with Ozedi Direct at This costs you nothing and will allow you to test your data without any commitments. If it uploads error free, then you know the Ozedi solution will work for you.

3                     Register at the Amex aggregator RewardPay website This costs you nothing and you’ll be given a RewardPay customer number.

4                     Log into Ozedi Direct, update your settings with your RewardPay customer number (not your credit card number) and pay Ozedi for one month’s service – this is only $10 plus GST for most companies.

5                     Upload your contributions – Ozedi will send the details to Amex for payment and the remittance details through SuperStream to the superannuation funds. Confirm your payment at RewardPay – this is the only point you need your Amex card number.

We don’t have a choice about paying the super contributions – but we do have a choice about how we pay. Ozedi Direct gives you these choices.