Ozedi Direct functionality

What is Ozedi Direct ?

Ozedi Direct provides a range of exciting services so employers can easily comply with the new SuperStream legislation and reap the benefits of the streamlined superannuation payment system. If your Payroll system outputs superannuation information in a standard format then Ozedi will transform and send the contribution remittances to the funds. Ozedi does NOT provide payment services – you maintain control over the payment to the superannuation funds. Your choices include:

  • Payment by EFT from your bank account – no third party direct debits
  • Payment using American Express – enjoy extended payment terms as well as rewards points

What facilities are available ?

Ozedi provides an easy to use portal for uploading contributions data. The facilities available include:

  • Uploading a test file to ensure Ozedi can process your data
  • Uploading monthly or quarterly contribution remittance information
  • Receive notification by email of responses from funds and also for any errors encountered in your data
  • Display/download a Payment List by fund for checking or making the payments prior to releasing the remittances to the funds
  • Automated transfer of payment details to American Express payment portal
  • Access to history of files sent and responses. Contribution details are available for as long as required
  • Access to Fund Validation Service allowing searches for superannuation fund USIs to assist in data validation and readiness to receive

How much will it cost ?

Ozedi charges a flat monthly fee for the services based on the size of the data; starting as low as $10 per month for small businesses and increasing according to volume of data sent. A business with up to 200 employees could expect to pay $25 per month.

What next ?

Contact us to register for Ozedi Direct