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Forget about clearing houses and go direct. Ozedi is not a clearing house so you pay your super yourself when you want to, not days or weeks before it is due.


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Ozedi is the only SuperStream service provider which provides multiple innovative payment options for superannuation:

Direct EFT payment

You can pay your contributions directly from your bank account using your banking software. This is the optimum way SuperStream was designed to operate and means you can pay your superannuation on the day it is due. You control the payments rather than a third party determining the payment date and debiting your account in their timeframe.

American Express - earn Reward points

In an Australian first, Ozedi allows you to pay your superannuation using an American Express card. This is a very simple process - you provide Ozedi with the data file generated from your payroll software and Ozedi generates a file containing the amounts to be paid to each superannuation fund. This file is passed to the payments hub and once the American Express card has been charged, Ozedi will send the SuperStream contribution advices to all of the funds.