Accountants and Bookkeepers

Accountants and Bookkeepers have special requirements for processing superannuation for their clients. Ozedi addresses these needs with the Account Manager role.

Ozedi Direct provides a solution for accountants and bookkeepers who want to register and process their clients’ superannuation contributions. It costs nothing to register as an Account Manager and we provide a special portal that allows you to list your clients and then access the client portal and process their data. Facilities are provided to:

  • Register your clients – there is no charge to register clients
  • List your clients and also sort by name and search using multiple filter options
  • Access the client portal for a selected client to process their contributions
  • Restrict certain functions on the portal to supervisors

Multiple Contribution Formats

Your clients may use different payroll systems with different outputs – or they may not use a payroll system at all. Ozedi Direct accepts contribution information in the following formats:

  • Payroll solutions that output the ATO-defined SAFF format – you may need to test the output first to ensure all the data required is in the file. There is no charge to upload a test file.
  • Ozedi Direct formatted Excel Spreadsheet – this is available for download on the client portal. It can be used for manual data capture and upload

Paying contributions to super funds

Ozedi Direct allows employers to control timing of the payment of the super contributions – we do not handle the money. The portal provides the payments details required for EFT payments to match the uploaded contribution information. There is also the option to pay by downloading the standard ABA file ready for submission to their bank which matches the uploaded contributions. In addition, Ozedi offers payment using American Express which allows up to 50 days extra to pay and also earns reward points. Your clients may wish to take advantage of this payment method.

Paying Ozedi service fees

Ozedi Direct charges a flat monthly service fee based only on the number of employees – not the number of transactions uploaded during a month. Fees start at $10+GST per month for employers with up to 20 employees. If super contributions payments are made quarterly, then you only need to pay for one month’s service 4 times a year; ie the cost would be $40+GST per annum. Our pricing is available at and on this page. If you want to pay Ozedi for your clients’ services and then bill them for your services, we can provide an alternate pricing structure for you that provides this flexibility. Ask us.

Register as an Account Manager

It costs nothing to register as an Account Manager with Ozedi Direct. Contact Us for more details and we’ll send you the Account Manager User Guide to get you started.