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Roadmap to compliance

The steps below outline the roadmap to Single Touch Payroll production for Digital Service Providers (DSP) using Ozedi as Sending Service Provider (SSP). It contains both the requirements of the ATO and Ozedi’s steps for you to enter into production processing.

Prior to production

  1. Register with ATO for Standard Business Reporting (SBR)
  2. Request and return Ozedi’s Account Registration Form
  3. Register a User and add an Account under your Brand in the Ozedi Test Environment
  4. Perform end-to-end testing with the ATO’s EVTE via Ozedi
  5. Complete ATO Prerequisites for PVT in Production:

  • Perform ATO Conformance Tests with Ozedi as SSP
  • Submit DSP Security Questionnaire to ATO for approval

  6. Prepare for Product Verification Testing:

In production

7. Receive ATO approval to proceed to PVT

8. Sign and return Ozedi’s Transaction Messaging Service Agreement

9. Register the DSP Brand (or Brands) in the Ozedi Production environment

10. Register an Account and Client for PVT in Ozedi Production environment

11. Purchase a block of data

12. Process Product Verification Testing with Live Payrun

13. Successful completion of PVT

14. Registration of your Clients at Ozedi; either:

  • Clients buy their own data
  • You buy data for your clients to use

15. Purchase a block of data

16. Begin submitting STP to the ATO