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ebMS3 AS4 Products

Ozedi has announced a broad range of services in a bundle called the Ozedi Connector which, when integrated with your software, allow your clients to:

  • Send Single Touch Payroll data to the ATO
  • Lodge BAS, TFN declarations, Payment Summary Annual Report, TPAR and other SBR2 reports with the ATO
  • Send and receive invoices in the new Digital Business Council format via the Access Point network
  • Send employer superannuation advice to funds through the Ozedi SuperStream gateway

Data Security

Data security will become a mandatory requirement in the not too distant future and Ozedi has spent two years building a unique end-to-end security solution into the AS4 suite of products.

Ozedi has listened to the marketplace and has a variety of implementation models. Given the extreme sensitivity of payroll and other information we won’t force your clients to give us their data in plain text format. The Ozedi Connector can sign and encrypt data at source so it cannot be viewed or tampered with until it reaches the intended recipient.


The Ozedi Connector API is simple to integrate. When sending messages, your software produces some data activates the Ozedi Connector which then:

  • Transforms the data if required into XBRL or XML (if required)
  • Encrypts and signs the payload (if enabled)
  • Wraps the payload in an AS4 message
  • Signs and encrypts the AS4 message
  • Sends the message to the applicable network

When receiving documents; eg invoices, the Ozedi Connector:

  • Pulls down the AS4 messages for the receiver’s account from Ozedi
  • Decrypts the payload (if required) and checks the signing for tampering
  • Provides the data in the standard format for processing by the receiver application

Ozedi handles all the messaging – you handle the creation or processing of the data.

Flexible pricing

Ozedi has also listened in relation to pricing. The models of charging by value of a document or number of lines in a file date back to the 1980’s and are somewhat inappropriate in the 21st century.

The Ozedi pricing models provide a complete bundle of services starting at $50 per year for smaller clients. Our commercial contractual arrangements can ensure that providing your clients with all the new government and non-government digital services will no longer be a cost but can be turned into a profit centre.


All services are subject to the availability of the listed SBR2 services at the ATO.