Ozedi Direct Step 3

Make a payment

If your software provider has an arrangement with Ozedi, then you may not be required to make a payment. You can tell if this is the case by the Service Expiry Date. If this is set into the future, then you do not need to make a payment – proceed to Step 4. Otherwise your account status will show as **Live** payment due.

When you have successfully loaded a test file, you will be able to make a payment to Ozedi for our services. This will set your service expiry date and allow you to send contribution remittances through SuperStream.

Click on the Pay Ozedi button and the payment options screen below will display.

Select the following from the two drop down boxes:

  • Payment Tier – select from the table according to the total number of employees you have over all the companies being registered by you under this client account
  • Number of months – options include 1, 3 or 12 months. There is a 10% discount for 12 months. NB payment is for the month in which you make it; ie regardless of the day within the month, then period is to the end of that month. If you pay at the end of the month you will only get a few days of coverage.

NB If you pay superannuation quarterly, you only need to buy one month’s service 4 times a year.

Once you have selected the tier and period, the payment amount plus GST is displayed. If you wish to proceed, check the Terms and Conditions box and click on Pay Now. This will take you to Paypal to make the payment.

Paying by PayPal

PayPal will allow you to make payments via credit cards and, if you have a PayPal account, you can select to pay via EFT. PayPal will email you a receipt with the details of the services you have purchased for your records.

Once you have successfully paid, click on the “return to Ozedi” link to return to the Ozedi Direct portal - your new expiry date will display. You can now upload contributions details to send through SuperStream.