Ozedi Direct Step 2

Upload test file

This step is only required if there is no current relationship between your payroll provider and Ozedi. In this instance, we need to check that we can handle your data. If your client status is LIVE when you log in, then you do not require this step and you can proceed to Step 3.

Now that you have access to the Ozedi Direct portal, you must upload a test file to ensure we can handle your file format and that your data is complete. Once you have successfully loaded a file, you will be ready to pay and process.

Follow these steps:

  1. Output a superannuation contributions file from your payroll system or use Ozedi’s Excel Spreadsheet which you can download and fill out manually (see Spreadsheet button below). The file must have the sender ABN set to one of the ABNs you have registered. NB Your filename must not include any embedded spaces; ie super_file_001  instead of super  file 001.
  2. Go to the Test Upload tab and:
    1. Select Choose Fileand select your file name using the browser
    2. Select Upload to start the file processing. The portal will tell you if it can process your file or not


Handling errors in test file upload

There are several errors that can occur as part of the upload; these include:

  • If your file has spaces in the name, it will not be found and cannot be processed. A message will tell you if the file is being processed or not
  • The file does not contain an ABN that you are registered for – this file will not be processed.
  • The file is processed into payments but there are errors in the payments. In this instance, you can display the payments and check for errors. 

Display Payments and Check for Errors

Click on the Runs tab to display the payments created by the upload of your file. Click on the Run Number on the left that contains your file just loaded, and the payments are displayed. If there are more than a screen full of payments in the file, then multiple screens are available using the page number display at the bottom.

The Details buttonlets you pop up the information on a payment including access to any errormessages by using the Error Links and clicking on the ErrorPDF.

The Status column shows the status of each payment; ietest OK or test error. If there are any payments with errors, then the whole run has a status of TEST ERROR (see below). 

Test file status set to successful

Once your test file has been loaded successfully in test mode with no errors, your status will change from TEST to LIVE. This will allow you to make a payment and upload contributions files for sending through the SuperStream network.

If you cannot load a test file without errors, and the errors are not caused by your data which you can correct, then please show your software provider the errors you are getting and ask them to make adjustments to the output file accordingly.