Ozedi Direct Step 1

Register with Ozedi Direct

If you have read all the information about Ozedi Direct services on our website www.ozedi.com.au then you can register by clicking on the Register hyperlink in the Ozedi Direct page. Alternatively, you can access the portal using www.ozedidirect.com.au/portal

The screens below will display the components of registration,which are:

  1. Client details
  2. Ozedi services
  3. Billing details (only if using Contributions upload services)
  4. Additional ABNs (only if using Contributions upload services)
  5. Confirmation

Client Details

The asterisk * implies a mandatory field. When you log into Ozedi Direct, you will use the User Name and Password entered on this screen here – make sure you take note of your details entered. The email address will be used if you want to change passwords, so make sure it is an actual address. Also, if possible, use an address that is not personal – in case someone else takes over this task.

Ozedi Services

The Software Developer code will be given to you by the organisation who supplies you with support services. If you don’t have one, leave this field blank. If you don’t use a computerised payroll system, enter “nothing” in the payroll product name field. You can tick the multiple ABNs box if you have several companies in your group using this client registration.

Billing Details

The billing details are currently used for specific client requirements.

Additional ABNs

If you have multiple companies using the same payroll system and these will be exporting contributions for upload to Ozedi, then you can record their ABNs on this screen. Facilities are provided to add new ABNs, and to edit or delete existing ABNs.

NB A file with an unknown Sender ABN will be rejected in the file upload.

Complete Registration

  1. Read the Terms and Conditions available by clicking on the hyperlink Terms and Conditions
  2. Tick the box to accept Terms and Conditions
  3. Click on the Register button to complete registration process


Logon to Ozedi Direct Portal

 Now you have a user name and password, you can log onto the Ozedi Direct portal.


    The other options you have on this page are:

  • Reset your password
  • Register as a new client

    Reset your password

    Enter your user name and click submit – an email will be sent to you with instructions on how to proceed in changing your password.

    A sample of the email you will receive is shown below; follow the instructions given:







    You will be asked to enter your new password and verify it before it is then changed for future logins.

    NB you can only use this link to change your password once. If anyone tries to access the link again, they will get an “unauthorised access” message.