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Jun, 2016 to Jul, 2016

  • 6 Jun 2016

    Ozedi Direct News June 2016

    Some more exciting enhancements have been released on our Ozedi Direct portal:

    Spreadsheet data capture – new options

    If your payroll system doesn’t output a compatible SAFF file, then you can capture your superannuation details by downloading our formatted spreadsheet and entering your employee details. You now have two options for spreadsheet format;

    - For EFT payment only
    - For multiple payment options

    The second option allows for direct debit payments and BPAY payments in addition to EFT (direct credit) in the contributions details.

    Download errors

    Now there is a new button on the bottom to DOWNLOAD ERRORS. This provides you with one consolidated list of errors for the run across all funds.

    Interested and want to know more? Then contact us or just go to the portal and have a look. These new features are free of charge.