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May, 2016 to Jun, 2016

  • 16 May 2016

    Ozedi Direct News May 2016

    There’s some exciting new enhancements to our Ozedi Direct portal:


    • Spreadsheet data capture


    If your payroll system doesn’t output a compatible SAFF file, then you can capture your superannuation details by downloading our formatted spreadsheet and entering your employee details. There are instructions included plus examples and sample data to help you. Then upload the whole spreadsheet to Ozedi. For the next run, all you need to do is copy the spreadsheet to a new name/date and make any changes since the last run and then upload. Easy !

    • Download ABA file for EFT payments

    Making your superannuation payments by EFT can be easy or difficult depending on your payroll system’s interface to SuperStream. If there is no link between the super details and the financial payment via EFT, then this new feature may make your life so much easier. A new button DOWNLOAD ABA will let you nominate the details needed to embed in the standard banking file format. You save the file, check the contents using Notepad if you want, and upload into your banking portal. The payments include all the required details including the mandatory Payment Reference Number required by the super funds. NB this feature is only available for contributions uploaded from 13th May onwards.


    Interested and want to know more ? Then contact us or just logon to the portal and have a look. These new features are free of charge.